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Our on-line shop is temporary closed but we’d be happy to help you buy a pet door by phone.  Our price for Endura Flap and Hale pet doors are as low as the manufacturer will allow.  We also offer free shipping.

Phone: 888-706-4382

Since the price is controlled for both of the pet door brands we sell, our price will be as low as any you will find. We will match any online price that’s available.

At Pet Independence, we want to keep the process of buying a quality pet door simple and easy. We do this by only offering three options because we know from experience that these are your best options. Each of the there options we offer are top rated, long-lasting, well made and attractive.

What Should I Choose

If You Want A Pet Door To Go Through An Existing Door:

Patio Pacific Endura Flap Door: If you’re putting a pet door in an existing door, our recommendation is the Patio Pacific Endura flap door. They sell four sizes and often will meet most pet’s needs. We recommend this pet door because it has a patented flap, a single flap provides as much insulation as everyone else’s dual flaps and the flap is on a hinge, which makes it last longer.

Hale Pet Door: If you have wide dog like an English bulldog, a very tall dog like a Great Dane or a small cat, you most likely will need a Hale pet door. Hale pet doors come in 10 sizes as well and they are also able to create custom size.

If You Want A Pet Door To Go Through Wall:

Pet Independence only sells one brand to use when going through a wall and that is the Hale Double Flap Wall Pet Door. There is no other pet door on the market that equals the quality. Their tunnel is made out of airplane aluminum, it’s one-piece and riveted to the inside frame.

Order directly on line or if you need assistance, please e-mail us and we’ll get right back to you.

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