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Pet Independence certified installation services

Pet Independence Certified Installers are highly skilled at putting any pet door – the Hale or Endura Flap that we sell or a pet door you bought on your own – into many different situations.

Existing Doors:  We can install a pet door through an existing wood, metal or other door and place the pet door at the best possible height for your pet that your door allows.

Through Walls:  We can install a pet door through walls and have worked with exterior bricks, stones, stucco, siding and glass.  We are also capable of building ramps and other surfaces to make your pet door easily accessible from the outside.

Replacement Doors:  Our installers are experts at making sure your new door fits perfectly in the opening you have.  They will take great care to hang the door so it opens and closes flawlessly and will place the pet door at the ideal location for your pet.